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U.S. Marine Hospital Update

The Foundations’ best efforts over the past year have not succeeded in raising the necessary capital funds to allow us to renovate the building to suit the needs of potential tenants and thereby establish an income stream to maintain the U.S. Marine Hospital.

For a candid update of these efforts and plans, please read the following summary from the U.S. Marine Hospital Foundation’s Chairman, John L. Huber:

U.S. Marine Hospital Foundation Update

The U.S. Marine Hospital Foundation Board is continuing its quest to create the Center for Health Education and Training (CHET) at the Marine Hospital. This entails raising 6 million dollars for interior restoration of the building for CHET occupancy, and 2 million dollars to accomplish the site work and other necessary property improvements.

The vision for the Center for Health Education and Training was formed last year and is based on partnerships with the University of Louisville, Jefferson Community and Technical College, and the Family Health Centers. Under the plan the University Of Louisville School Of Medicine will locate a Med-Peds or Family Practice residency program at the Family Health Center. The restored Marine Hospital will provide space to allow addition of the program. The Jefferson Community and Technical College will offer various programs at the renovated facility including foundation courses for entry into college, classes for entry into healthcare careers, and training leading to certification for healthcare technician positions. The facility will also provide the Family Health Centers needed administrative space and space for expanded wellness programs.

A recent study by the Louisville Primary Care Association projected a Louisville Metro need of approximately 340 additional primary care (family, pediatric and internal) physicians and 50 additional obstetricians and gynecologists by 2020. An expanded number of nurses and allied healthcare professionals will also be needed. Training and education to be provided at the Center for Health Education and Training will help fill these projected gaps in a way that benefits Portland and adjacent communities by providing both improved healthcare, and pathways to healthcare career opportunities.

The slow recovery from the recent deep recession has impeded efforts to raise funds for the restoration and associated site work. During the past year the Foundation Board has continued to work with The Jefferson County Legislative Delegation and leaders of the Kentucky General Assembly in an effort to secure funding for the restoration work. Legislative leaders give the project a top priority, but because of budget constraints no capital project funding was available in the 2012 session. We are hopeful the 2013 budget will allow for capital project funding, and we will work to assure the Marine Hospital restoration retains a high priority for receiving funds.

Last year after the foundation adopted a strategic plan centered on creating and sustaining the Center for Health Education and Training, a project fundraising case statement (a brief statement describing the project and its objectives) was circulated to Louisville area foundations and community leaders. Their feedback was favorable and in general they felt the CHET case statement is compelling. Based on the feedback, we are optimistic we can raise the remainder of the funds needed once we receive the interior restoration grant from the state. We will, however, need to create the necessary fundraising infrastructure. An early step in creating this infrastructure will be to hire a fundraising professional. This person will lead the fundraising effort and assure the day to day details of fundraising are properly documented and assure that needed follow through is done in a timely way. The board is approaching this hire cautiously. We want to assure we have sufficient reserves to cover at least six months of salary and expense, and we want to assure the economic climate is favorable for fundraising.

Creating the Center for Health Education and Training will help bring this historic facility back to life and provide valuable programs for the community. We are very appreciative of the continued work and support of the Friends of the Marine Hospital as we pursue this vision.

submitted by - John L. Huber, USMH Foundation Board Chair
October 30, 2012

If you believe as we do, that the proposed uses and benefits of the U.S. Marine Hospital are vital to west Louisville and our entire community, please continue to stand with us by your continued Friends membership and financial support. This is indeed a dire time for this critical initiative. Future health care needs are clearly documented and will continue to grow.

Your support will allow us to support the hiring of a fundraising professional who can focus more time and expertise on this priority than we have been able to do as volunteers, our fervent passion notwithstanding.

Please respond as soon as possible and as generously as you can. The minimum tax deductible membership amount is $25.00. Checks should be made to the U.S. Marine Hospital Foundation. We welcome your input.

Thank you, William O. LaFollette, Chairman
Friends of the U.S. Marine Hospital
October 30, 2012

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